Network Analysis and Consulting

Your office, workplace, store or facility is increasingly dependent upon connected infrastructure. Numbers of devices that ride on wired and wireless network are ever increasing and new applications are adding traffic on the network. Complexity is added by video, security, and telephone traffic. Legacy applications use little bandwidth, but they are still business critical. Many users experience random slowness which affects business adversely. Easy Server Management offers consulting services for network analysis and troubleshooting. Our expert network technicians use state-of-the-art tools to quickly isolate problem sources and root causes, so you do not have to face the same issue the second time.

  • Do your users experience an occasional slowdown in computers at random intervals?
  • Do you experience a frequent and sustained hour-glass spinning when you use an application?
  • Do you experience a long file opening or saving time on network for no apparent reason?
  • Do some of your users have accepted slow connectivity as normal?

All these seemingly non-interrelated factors are actually related, because they share the same physical network. While bandwidth usage increases all the time, it may be configuration of your network devices, switches, routers, firewalls, wireless access points. Let us help you discover, troubleshoot, and optimize your network.

Our expertise is in quick triangulation of the problem source – if it is network, device or the application. No valuable time is lost.

Network discovery, analysis, troubleshooting and consulting services are available as remote and on-site, as needed.
If you are having a network emergency, you can call our hotline.
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email: sales@easyservermanagement

Analysis and Troubleshooting for Health of the Network

We can find intrusion attempts, attacks, bandwidth hogs and misconfigured devices instantly!

Our one time service or ongoing consulting can help you implement:

  • Solid monitoring and alerting plan
  • Best Practices implementation
  • Access Policies
  • ITIL Recommendations
  • PCI/DSS/HIPPA Compliance
  • Smart Networks
  • Application Acceleration
  • Hadoop Cluster, Storage Network
  • Backup, DR and Replication

Performance Monitoring:

Network Speed

Server Speed

Application Speed

Database Speed

Utilization Monitoring:

Network Traffic


CPU / Memory / Storage

Availability Monitoring


Network Devices


What are the advantages of Regular Network Analysis and Planning?

Proactive monitoring of availability, utilization and performance of your networks, applications and network based services offer tactical and strategic advantage.

Tactical Approach:

Alert upon performance degradation

Problem source identification

Triangulation and isolation of the source of production problems to the network server or application
Reduce mean time to repair
Quick analysis of root cause
Improved uptime and performance