Thousands of servers get hacked every day….




We are on a mission to make servers on internet secure. This free service is without any obligation to buy any service from Easy Server Management.

If you own a server with Windows or Linux operating system and host it on internet, it may be unprotected. After this inspection you will receive a confidential report of all existing vulnerabilities. Once you sign up, it may be 2-24 hours for us to complete our inspection and send you a report. Upon recipt of the report we recommend you options to fix these vulnerabilities. Once you fix exposed vulnerabilities we offer subsequent inspections at discounted rates. If you use our service to have them fixed, subsequent scan is free. Our services are available at affordable monthly subscriptions basis as well as one-time hourly rates.

Our inspections are gentle and have no impact on your server. Our reports are confidential. No information from your server is used for any other purpose. This service is meant for uncompromised dedicated and virtual servers, offered once only for a given IP. A proof of IP ownership/assignment is required for requests invloving more than one IP. If we detect that your server is already compromised, we will stop our inspection and report you on your server’s state.

Free External Inspection Includes:

  • Exploration of all open ports and services that can be used to communicate with your server
  • Detection of application vulnerabilities
  • Investigation of configuration related vulnerabilities in running applications, services, and file system
  • Identification of failing dependencies in running applications and services including domain name registration, dns resolution, mail servers, antispam antivirus, and antimalware for supplied domain name

Internal Inspection includes:

  • Assessment of hardware health and any vulnerability in your server or devices
  • Detection of any malicious activity, dormant code, directory level permissions, password strengths, and access level of users
  • Checking for existence of viruses, malware and resource hogging parasites
  • Testing of firewall and access settings
  • Generation of a report on installed programs and auto start services

Why should you get your server inspected?

If your server is exposed to the internet in any way, an external inspection would reveal if there is any vulnerability in your server. For this, we use our proprietary tools to probe your server from the outside. This inspection would reveal if there are any back doors or known ways to gain access to your server without your knowledge. This would not harm your server or services any way. We do this inspection very gently. If your server is prone to be compromised, it will show up in our report. After our inspection, you can fix these vulnerabilities before it gets hacked or attacked. You do not need to share any passwords with us; all we require is your due permission to conduct this inspection.

After external inspection, if there is a reason that you should get your server checked internally, we will recommend to you a FREE internal inspection of 1000+ points to assess your server/network devices’ health, performance, and security. This is optional, but we require your additional permission and full access to your servers by our expert staff. This is done under complete confidentiality and its report is provided exclusively to you under the same level of confidence as our paid customers.

Either of these inspections are done only to explore if there are any vulnerabilities. We do not use access credentials to your data or contents on the server. We do not harvest any information, trends, keywords, images from the data in your server. If you have any vulnerability, it is likely that they will be exploited by a hacker sooner or later. We also recommend corrective actions for these vulnerabilities. You have option to correct them on your own or using your preferred vendor. You also have options to use our community forum and knowledgebase to find a solution. If you prefer to utilize professional help of our trained staff, it is available at nominal charge.

During inspection, we neither correct nor install anything that can be used to exploit your server. We highlight them for your review explaining their severity and recommend possible actions. For all server already compromised we, recommend rebuilding / upgrading to the latest stable versions of OS and application.