Amazon AWS Server Management

If you have a server in cloud with Amazon or any other Cloud Service provider, you are in the league of select few who have decided to venture into full featured cloud technology. While you get full benefit of elastic storage and on-demand resources, you need to make sure you have them ready to use when you need them. Moreover, true savings come when you can dynamically reduce unneeded resources. In any case, you need to manage and secure these servers same as a physical server, because they are equally prone to predators and information thieves. The Easy Server Management team can help you with all management and security tasks.

What all Do we Do for Your Amazon AWS and EC2 servers
  • Do you know that the server you have in cloud needs full management and it is as susceptible to hacking as any other?
  • Does your cloud server have adequate CPU, memory and storage space to accommodate peak loads yet it is not over-bought resource-wise?
  • Do you know you can save images of unutilized/underutilized cloud servers and restore them when needed?
  • You curious about getting a server in the cloud of your own but do not know what is right for you?

Our trained staff can handle all your support requests for AWS server in a professional manner and work directly with technical personnel to make sure you get the best possible cloud efficiency and economic benefits.

We support Amazon AWS hosted cloud servers for provisioning, sizing, installation, security and all aspect of day-to-day management. With a team of highly skilled technical staff, we take out all cryptic processes out of cloud hosting and deliver server administration and security in plain English.

What all Do we Do for Your Amazon AWS/EC2 hosted servers?

We Secure, Manage and Monitor your Amazon AWS/EC2 Server(s):

  • New instance creations and OS installations through Amazon portal
  • Networking and IP allocation
  • Resource Allocations
  • Troublesooting
  • Optimization
  • Connectivity with dependent services and servers.
  • Security and policy implementation
  • Monitor for Availability and services

In Addition, We can monitor each server in your AWS/EC2 environment either from another EC2 instance on a virtual appliance within your infrastructure or from our external monitoring infrastructure for:

  • Service Availability
  • Response Times
  • CPU, Memory, Storage, Bandwidth and Processes

For Amazon servers too, we have Full Service Package available for Windows and Linux. In Full Service package we perform the following:

  • We monitor your server 24/7 to ensure that your server is secure and working properly. All potential threats to security are handled immediately to minimize their business impact.
  • We monitor services running on your server 24/7 to ensure that your server is effectively doing its job. If your server is overstressed, we temporarily shut down low priority services to free up its resources for business critical services.
  • We have staff available at all times to support you and to assist you with your server. Should you need anything to make your business run more smoothly; we will be here to do our best to provide it.
  • You get 10 hours of dedicated time per month to have our experts manage your server and assist you with any issues you may have. (Please note 5 hours are allocated automatically to security and service monitoring. 5 hours are available for ticket support).
  • We install new applications in your server on request. The 5 hour per month support time can be applied to such tasks, as well as any other requested custom work.
  • Your logs are a vital part of telling how your server is performing. We routinely patrol event and application logs and take corrective actions if there are warnings or errors.
  • Logs of attackers are not useful unless prompt preventative action is taken. Therefore, our staff monitors your server and constantly adjusts your firewall to keep intruders out.
  • We test upgrades thoroughly as soon as your OS/Control Panel vendor releases them. As soon as they are stable for production use, we apply them to your server.
  • We have staff available for consultation if you have any security concerns or questions. We’ll notify you immediately if there is something happening on your server, advise you what action we have already taken, and allow you to discuss your options with one of our security professionals.

We monitor all AWS/EC2 Servers for:

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Resources
  • PING
  • PING
  • CPU
  • DNS
  • DNS
  • Storage
  • HTTP
  • HTTP
  • Memory
  • MySQL
  • Processes
  • Exchange
  • POP3
  • Bandwidth
  • SMTP
  • SMTP
  • Plesk
  • Plesk / CPanel
  • 24/7 Security Monitoring
  • 24/7 Service Level Monitoring
  • 24/7 Support via Trouble Ticket
  • 10 hours of Systems Administration
  • 3rd Party Software Installation
  • Log Monitoring -Firewall Rule Tweaking
  • OS Security Updates OS
  • Control Panel Security Updates
  • Consultation with a Security Expert
    Full Ticket based Support Portal
  • Access to our Expert Monitored Forum
We analyze and secure each server…..
  • Thorough Security Assessment and Appraisal: We perform an initial scan to ensure that each of your server instance is safe and secure. We also evaluate if there are any potential vulnerabilities.
  • Hacker Elimination and Rootkit/Malware Detection: We detect and eliminate any previously undetected backdoors, Trojans (services running in disguise), by using our own developed and constantly updated procedure to stop intruders in their tracks.
  • Securing of Folder Permissions: We check and correct permissions to folders by users, groups or programs so that there is no undesired directory transversal by your users or programs, stopping them getting to unnecessary areas of your server.
  • Configuration of Logging Services: We configure your server’s logging to ensure all problems are caught the moment they show signs of occurrence.
  • System Control Configuration and Optimization: We make sure that your server is performing its best through configuration of the system control files, which is essential to the optimum operation of your server.
  • Shared Directory Security: We secure shared directories and ensure that hackers cannot operate in them.
  • Custom Maximum Protection Firewall for Linux: We install a custom EZSM-written firewall to protect you from unauthorized connections (both in and out of your server), hackers and denial of service attacks.
  • Kernel/OS Update: We update this to your operating system kernel to its latest stable release, closing security vulnerabilities that may have appeared in earlier revisions.
  • SSH/RDP Security Enhancements: We implement a procedure that makes unauthorized remote access to your server impossible for intruders. We make sure that you have the most secure configuration of the Secure Shell daemon or RDP service so that the command level access to your server is secure.
  • High Security Services Monitoring: We setup custom applications to continuously monitor System and Service Integrity. This prevents exploitation of existing web applications.
  • Active Load Monitoring: We implement a custom load checking procedure to improve availability of services. This system gives advance warning of potential server issues so that a corrective action can be taken.
  • Port Monitoring with Hacker-Detection: For further peace of mind, we provide 24/7 Port monitoring to alert EZSM immediately so that we can block attacks before they cause any damage.
  • Upgrades to Pre-Installed Software: You only need one hole in your defenses to let a hacker through–don’t let that hole be on your server. We upgrade all your pre-installed software to the latest stable version released by your OS/Software vendor.
  • IPSEC/Proc Security Hardening: We perform a security hardening procedure to your servers. This hardening protects your server where firewall does not. This limits unwanted ICMP packets and protects your server from denial of service attacks while keeping the server resource efficient. This also allows an automatic reporting of attackers.
  • Deactivation of Unused/Insecure Services: We deactivate services that may be running but you do not need. This ultimately boosts the speed and responsiveness of your server, as well as secures the services that hackers thrive on.
  • Setup Name Servers: We modify Hostname and check additional IP installation. We setup or reorganize DNS service and your name servers so that your server is secure and it runs in the most efficient manner. Most servers around the world are getting increasingly particular about identity and authenticity of traffic communicating with them. Compliance of your name servers to standards set by Internet is one of the criteria they use to accept mail and other communication from your server. In addition your own hostname allows you to personalize your server and enforce corporate branding on your server. These important details are often ignored by server administrators but a professional tweaking of name service alone is worth more than what we charge for our full service package because it improves your search engine placement.

Supported Systems:

  • Virtuozzo Containers 4.7
    on Red Hat Enterprise
    Server or CentOS
  • VPS Running on all
    editions / versions of:
  • CentOS, Red Hat
    Enterprise or Windows

Supported Control Panels and Applications:

  • Plesk and CPanel
  • My-SQL and PostgreSQL and MSSQL
  • WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Jboss, Sharepoint
  • Sendmail, Exim, QMail, PhpMail, Exchange
Fine Print:

Live Support: Live support via instant messaging software billed in 15 minute increments at our discounted rate of $45.00 USD/hour.

Overage: In any month when time is to exceed the 10 hour package: Prior written approval will be required from the client unless a pre-authorized “not to exceed” time period has been established. All additional hours will be billed at the discounted rate of $45.00 USD/hour.

*Setup fee and first month’s service due upon signing
*Monthly fee will be due on the anniversary date of your signup and is not prorated to the beginning of each month.