About Easy Server Management (ezsm.com)

  • The Easy Server Management team provides affordable and professional remote server and network administration services worldwide.
  • Easy Server Management’s mission is to make the internet more secure by providing customers complete security at an affordable price.
  • The Easy Server Management technical staff handles all tasks from managing infrastructure to application.

Our technical team manages servers located in all major internet datacenters including The Planet, Softlayer, Pugmarks, 1&1, GiGenet, Rackspace, as well as many corporate datacenters. Many hosting companies use our white label server administration support for their customers at a decent markup.

Easy Server Management, Inc. provides remote management services from setup and day-to-day upkeep to emergency help, upgrades, and security administration. Each Easy Server Management technical team member has 4-10 years of professional server administration experience. EZSM was founded in 2002 by a group of professionals who earned their first set of paid clientele purely from the respect in server administration and security within the Linux community. Subsequently, this reputation led to a valuable business of server management support as additional people joined the server management team. Now, they work around the clock to support a trusting base of clientele internationally. Like their clients, the employees are also located in 3 continents.

Easy Server Management’s most popular offering has been is the “Full Service Package.” This package is ideal for hosting companies with shared customers, web designers, small businesses, software as a service companies, and cloud hosted application companies. A complete administration package from Easy Server Management frees up customers to run their core business, rather than focusing on updating and securing their servers.

The Easy Server Management team continues to provide superior and attentive service for their customers. The technical team consists of a level one support team that performs proactive monitoring, facilitates communication, performs ticket routing, and organizes reboots with onsite staff of respective datacenters. With these helpdesk/level one resources, Easy Server Management’s skilled engineers can manage, secure and administer quality level two service including:

  • Windows and Linux servers with all stable and secure versions in 32 and 64 bit versions
  • 24X7 support ticket initiation, status update, and call back service