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Who should Join Club EZSM ?

  • If you own/manage at least one computer that serves you, your employees, customers or vendors
  • If you have a physical, virtual or cloud server that is connected to the internet
  • If you are responsible of keeping your server(s) running in a secure mode, non-susceptible to hackers
  • If you like to manage your servers yourselves and you do not consider yourselves to be expert
  • If you like to ensure that your server is secure and safe at regular intervals
  • You want to learn how to or keep up with server management tasks like professionals do

Are you in any of these categories above? If yes, CLUB EZSM is a very affordable way to keep your servers secure and operating to their maximum efficiency. Even if you don’t, you can benefit joining Club EZSM to gather tools, knowledge and confidence experts have to keep up with constantly changing security requirements of the internet.

Membership Benefits:

  • Monthly external and internal security inspection of one physical, virtual or cloud server*
  • One hour per month of expert support to understand and fix any security problems your server(s) may have
  • Participation and unlimited support through EZSM Forum
  • Monthly Security Threats Newsletter
  • Email-alerts of new security threats with measures to protect against them
  • Email subscriptions to any of our lists including tips and tricks for server and network management

What is server inspection and how do you benefit from it?
You are entitled to one free external and internal inspection per month. If you have more than one server you can use your entitlement for a different server every month. These inspections give you comprehensive external and internal probing report of 2500+ possible test (we add more every day as we learn) without you having to buy any software. All vulnerabilities are listed in the order of their criticality and their possible impacts are explained.

Does Club EZSM membership help in fixing problem as well?
You bet. You get one full hour of support, advise and actual work from our expert staff to fix any issues. Many times vulnerability is in a service that you do not even use and simple turning off the service can make your server secure. On other extreme, many administrators put of upgrades and patching of production servers in fear of not being sure how to do it. Our experts can make you overcome that fear, answer all your questions on how to do it yourself. But if you want to leave it up to us to do it, we will gladly cover 1st hour of effort. If it involves more work than your entitled free hour, you will be notified before the work at a substantially reduced rate from our list price that non-club members pay.

Can you interact with other Club EZSM members?
Indeed. You get a chance to know other members through our forums and meet them when we have our next event of Club EZSM.

Additional Servers
If you have more than one server, you can either use services on different servers by changing server IP on file. You can change IP anytime during the month. But if you have already used your entitled inspection, the next inspection on different server will be available during next month billing period. If you want to inspect and fix more servers every month, additional server inspect-and-fix services are available to Club EZSM members at a substantially discounted rates.

Fees and Dues
Club membership is $29 per month. With tangible benefits of monthly inspections ($199 value) and one hour of support ($65 value) and intangible benefits of sense of security and availability of expert help when needed, the low introductory membership price is a steal. Join NOW before the prices go up. If you join the club in 2013, your membership rates are guaranteed not to go up for 3 years.

Your membership dues are automatically charged to your credit card every month or setup as PayPal subscription. Therefore no hassles to remember a bill to pay.

You can cancel your membership anytime before your monthly anniversary date. All we require is a one business day notice. Membership will be cancelled with effect from the next monthly billing date.